Giles Matthey

Interview – Nicole Brydon Bloom

Some actresses spend their entire careers searching for that one special role in that one bold film that truly makes a statement. Not Nicole Brydon Bloom. Entering into television and film after an early career in community theater, Bloom has already been featured in such ... Read More

1BR (Movie Review)

Creating a kind and caring community that would make Mr. Rogers proud is the goal of one apartment complex in 1BR, a brand new Horror-Thriller that arrives to Digital on Friday, April 24th, 2020, thanks to Dark Sky Films. Hello, neighbor! Aspiring costume designer Sarah ... Read More

Submerged (Movie Review)

Director Steven C. Miller (Scream of the Banshee 2011, Silent Night 2012) and Writer Scott Milam (Mother’s Day 2010) brings the meaning of agoraphobia to a whole new level in Submerged. The Thriller combines suspense and action in ways few other movies with similar genre ... Read More