Global Digital Releasing

Madagasikara (Documentary Review)

Global Digital Releasing previously brought audiences the acclaimed documentary Film School Africa. Then they stuck to Africa to bring over another highly rated film entitled Madagasikara set for release via VOD and digital platforms on June 26, 2020. Madagasikara has won 32 awards on the ... Read More

Film School Africa (Documentary Review)

People can name any Hollywood classic off the top of their heads. Some may even know Asian cinema through the works of Kurosawa, Wong Kar-Wai, or the Bollywood scene. But mention African cinema and the results will likely get more obscure; maybe a mention of ... Read More

The Passing (Movie Review)

A lush, haunting, and gorgeously understated dark tale, The Passing – a lovely new Drama/Mystery out of Wales – became available on worldwide digital and VOD platforms as of Tuesday, June 13th thanks to Global Digital Releasing and XYZ Films. In The Passing, young couple Iwan ... Read More