The Cover of Dario Argento Panico

Dario Argento Panico (Documentary Review)

In the world of Horror cinema, the name Dario Argento is one that immediately raises the hair on the necks of fans. One of Italy’s most famous filmmakers, Argento filmography reaches far and wide with titles such as 1975’s Deep Red (Italian: Profondo Rosso), 1977’s Suspiria, and 1980’s Inferno. Known ... Read More

Legend – A Fantasy Masterpiece 30 Years Later

The name Ridley Scott is more often known for films like 1979’s Alien, 1982’s Blade Runner, and 2000’s Gladiator, but in 1986, his Dark Fantasy Adventure Legend is perhaps one of most underrated. Initially released in the UK late 1985, on April 18th of 1986 it hit theaters in United States after going through ... Read More