Golden Globe Award

Interview – Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Irish Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an easily recognized name in the world of television and film. Hard at work for some time now, Meyers has starred in countless films and television series including 2005’s Match Point, the hit Showtime series The Tudors, as well as ... Read More

Interview – Bella Thorne & Melissa Leo

Sometimes when we meet someone new we can sense comfortability. When this happens friendships are born, relationships are forged, and the possibilities are endless. This evidently was the case when the talented young Bella Thorne and the seasoned award-winning Melissa Leo entered each other’s creative ... Read More

Interview – Talia Shire

Some look at a job as merely such. Then there are others who put all of themselves into their work. Coming from an artistic family, Talia Shire is an actress who revels in the challenge of creating a character and engulfing herself in its metamorphosis. ... Read More