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Interview – Gianni Decenzo

Every character in film/television has a different arc. Some are predictable, while others not so much. In the hit series Cobra Kai, the character of Demetri has certainly taken a few twists and turns no one saw coming. Initially awkward and uncertain, by season two ... Read More

Interview – Tanner Buchanan

Everyone deserves a chance for redemption, a chance to show they can do good. In the case of the character Robby Keene, from the YouTube series Cobra Kai, he is not given the best situation and ends up finding trouble around every corner. Coming from ... Read More

Interview – Jacob Bertrand

At one point or another, everyone is picked on or ridiculed. More common during our young years, being teased is never fun, and many times, can destroy self-confidence. That in mind, what if you could turn the tables and change everyone’s perception of you? This ... Read More

Interview – Xolo Maridueña

Everyone loves the story of an underdog, and if the individual is likable enough, it is near impossible to root against them. In the hit YouTube Premium original series Cobra Kai, the script is flipped from the 1984 film The Karate Kid, and the once ... Read More

Cobra Kai (Season 1 Review)

Back in 1984, life was much different growing up as a teeanger than in 2018, or was it? Truth of the matter is, while what is socially acceptable and as technologies advance, there always was, and always will be, someone out their bullying another person. ... Read More