Good Boy

Interview – Steve Guttenberg

Back in the 1980s, one of the most easily recognizable faces on the silver screen was Steve Guttenberg. Known for his leading roles in Hollywood hits such as 1984’s Police Academy, 1985’s Cocoon, 1986’s Short Circuit, 1987’s Three Men and a Baby, plus more, Guttenberg ... Read More

Interview – Elise Neal

You just never know where life will lead you. You could be on one path but then be taken in a completely different direction, finding success and happiness in a place you never thought possible. Interestingly enough, Elise Neal was faced with this type of ... Read More

Interview – Ellen Wong

Everyone has a different story to tell. For Canadian born Actress Ellen Wong, it all began with direct inspiration from the storytelling aspect of film. Now living her dreams, over the last 15 years she has taken on an abundant amount of roles ranging from ... Read More