Wish Disney 2023 art

Wish (Movie Review)

One of the United States of America’s grand legacies in terms of entertainment and imagination, The Walt Disney Company turns 100 years old in 2023. A massive anniversary, much has transpired over the last century for Disney. Going from a animation company that famously produced ... Read More

Aliens, Clowns & Geeks (Movie Review)

Richard Elfman (Forbidden Zone 1980, Streets of Rage 1993) is back with a campy Sci-Fi Horror film that aims to top the ninja-pirate rivalry with aliens and clowns. In it, a down and out actor, Eddy Pine (Bodhi Elfman: Mercury Rising 1998, Collateral 2004) stumbles ... Read More

Killer Campout (Movie Review)

Does this sound familiar? Two youth counselors take a group of troubled teens out to the woods to provide therapy and relaxation, only for them to be terrorized by a bloodthirsty, cannibal hermit. Granted, Jason did not usually eat people in the Friday the 13th films, ... Read More