Gothic Rock

Interview – HIM’s Ville Valo

Looking back at the early 2000s era of Rock and Metal, few artists stick out as decade defining. In the more mainstream world, you had the likes of Slipknot, Nickelback, and Linkin Park… but if you were looking for something a little more on the ... Read More

MONO INC. – Ravenblack (Album Review)

Still high off the success of 2020’s The Book of Fire, the German Goth rockers in MONO INC. are set to return with Ravenblack on January 27, 2023, thanks to NoCut Entertainment. Twenty-three years after their inception, not many bands are still recording new music, ... Read More

Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX (Album Review)

One ironically promising fallout of the COVID-19 virus is that there is a distinct difference between the pre-pandemic and the post-pandemic world. Those who suffered from lack of live music, among other disappointments, and times of immense solitude, have grown to a very high level ... Read More