Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day 2U (Movie Review)

Sequels do not often live up to their original. The Horror genre especially is home to far too many sequels trying to chase success and build franchises off one successful film. However, not all are created equal, and not all should be immediately discredited. On ... Read More

Interview – Christopher Landon

Writer, director, and producer Christopher Landon has been making a name for himself in the Horror genre for well over a decade now. Following in his father, famed actor/filmmaker Michael Landon’s footsteps, Christopher got his start in the industry at a very young age. With ... Read More

Happy Death Day (Movie Review)

A great Horror flick can be frightening, disturbing, but also dripping with satire. Take the new film Happy Death Day, cleverly released on Friday the 13th of October 2017, just a few weeks before Halloween. From Blumhouse Productions, and distributed through Universal Pictures, Happy Death ... Read More