My Name is Myeisha (Movie Review)

Ready for a Musical? Probably not after last December’s Cats adaptation, but My Name is Myeisha comes from a grittier, sadder place than Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s stage romances. It is an adaptation of the Rickery Hinds (It’s Not for You 2019) stageplay Dreamscape, directed and written ... Read More

Mickey and the Bear (Movie Review)

One might hope Mickey and the Bear would be another animal adventure like Mia and the White Lion, or a Mickey Mouse/Winnie the Pooh crossover for Disney+. Instead, it is an allegory for a family drama due out in US theaters everywhere Friday, November 29, ... Read More

The Kill Team (Movie Review)

In 2013, Dan Krauss (The Death of Kevin Carter 2004. Extremis 2016) directed The Kill Team – a documentary about how Private Adam Winfield tried to blow the whistle on his platoon’s war crimes in Afghanistan. It did not go so well for him, being ... Read More

The Anatomy of a Remake: Oldboy

Coming out of South Korea, Park Chan-Wook’s Neo-Noir Action Thriller Oldboy became a sensation upon its release in late 2003. The film told the story of a man who, after being kidnapped and kept captive for over 15 years, is let out on a 5-day ... Read More