Hatchet III

Interview – Caroline Williams

Straight out of the Lone Star State, Caroline Williams is a working class actress proud of her roots. Now celebrating her 35th anniversary in film/television, Williams has shown a diversity that has allowed her to star in various genres ranging from Drama to Comedy, and ... Read More

Interview – Parry Shen

Deep inside, there is a little bit of theatrics in all of us. Some more than others, New York native Parry Shen harnessed his creative energies into acting, and two decades in, has starred in a list of films and television series. Starring in Comedies ... Read More

Interview – Adam Green

The story is similar for all of us – at a young age we have aspirations and big dreams to do something creative, only to tell our high school guidance counsellor who chuckles before deflecting us to something more practical. Often a spirit squasher, some ... Read More

Interview – Zach Galligan

Sometimes the best opportunities arise when one least expects it. For talented young actor Zach Galligan, that came back when being cast as lead role for 1984 classic mini-monster movie Gremlins. While the film went on to be a massive success in cinema history, Galligan ... Read More