blink-182 – Nine (Album Review)

Riding the heels of 2016’s triumphant return, California, everyone’s favorite Pop Punk pioneers blink-182 return with Nine. Columbia Records delivers the fun on Friday, September 20th, 2019. Californians through and through, blink-182 formed there in 1992 and would help pioneer an amalgamated genre all their ... Read More

Warrant – Dog Eat Dog 25 Years Later

Back on Tuesday, August 25, 1992, Warrant released their third full-length studio album, Dog Eat Dog. A brash and bold departure from their formerly fluffy sound, the album would mark a decided turning point in the Sunset Strip band’s career. Formed in 1984 in Hollyweird, ... Read More

We Go On (Movie Review)

Thanatophobia, or “death anxiety,” is described as the fear of death or dying, and is one of the most widely shared phobias in the world. What is it about dying that makes this fear so prevalent though? While death anxiety may be common, its reasons ... Read More