Wrong Turn (Movie Review)

In 2003 we were told not to go into the woods, and 18 years later we still haven’t learned. Here to place a new spin on a modern classic, the resurrected and completely reimagined Wrong Turn arrives in theaters on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 thanks ... Read More

Body at Brighton Rock (Movie Review)

Despite the name, the new Thriller Body at Brighton Rock has nothing to do with Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock. Nor does its have anything to do with the famous 1948 film adaptation, or its 2010 remake. Written and Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound 2015, ... Read More

The Ritual (Movie Review)

The forest holds untold wonders and deep, dark secrets, wander into its depths and you might never return! In The Ritual, the Swedish forest is hiding something truly horrifying within its borders, and you are invited to journey inside as of Friday, February 9, 2018. ... Read More