Hostile Territory (Movie Review)

Fancy a post-Civil War family drama set in the Wild West with plenty of action? Well, that is what is on offer either way with Hostile Territory. Formerly known as The Orphan Train, the film is due to have a limited cinema run on April ... Read More

Interview – Moe Dunford

There are quite a few Irish actors who make a name for themselves on the international stage with standout performances. Unique to one another in their own way, a young and talented name which should be discussed is Mr. Moe Dunford. Known for his expectational ... Read More

MLK/FBI (Documentary Review)

This is a story that is far from over. From 1955 to 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a peaceful 20th century American revolution. His nonviolent Civil Rights Movement changed the face of our society, earning him the title of the Moral Leader of ... Read More