Interview – Clint Howard

Everyone knows the name Clint Howard, but are they truly aware of his accomplishments? For starters, Howard has been acting professionally for over six decades! An extremely lengthy amount of time, he also has credits in well over two-hundred feature films and television series.    ... Read More

Interview – Tom Berenger

The name Tom Berenger is one of the most recognized in Hollywood. A diverse actor, Berenger has been mastering his craft for over five decades, starring in a list of memorable films as well as television series. Vividly remembered for his roles in 1986’s Platoon, 1991’s Major ... Read More

The 69 Eyes – Drive (EP Review)

True to their lore, Helsinki’s own vampires, The 69 Eyes, never seem to ever grow old…and most certainly never get tired of making music. Seemingly always on the road or in the studio, they are back yet again with their new EP Drive.  Coming after twelve ... Read More