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Women in Horror Month – Mia Goth

In recent years February has been known as Women in Horror Month. Important, throughout history, there have been many women who have contributed to the genre as actresses, directors, producers, and more. That is why at Cryptic Rock magazine we are dedicated to honoring a ... Read More

Interview – Jocelin Donahue

When you think of some of the more talented actresses in modern Horror cinema you would be foolish to overlook Jocelin Donahue. Growing up in Connecticut, Donahue is a highly expressible actresses who first made a big splash back in 2009 starring in Ti West’s The ... Read More

Interview – Kelli Maroney

One of the more easily recognized faces of 1980s Horror cinema, Kelli Maroney is an actress who simply loves her work. Cheerful, positive, and possessing a keen sense of humor, Maroney is remembered for her many roles which include cult classics such as 1984’s Night ... Read More

Interview – Tiffany Shepis

Growing up in the ’80s, a decade many consider the golden age of Horror, never did Tiffany Shepis imagine that one day she maybe a star in the genre. Getting her start at only 16 years of age in the 1996 cult classic Tromeo and ... Read More

Interview – Whitney Moore

Chances are, if you find something you love and can make a living doing it, you are doing pretty damn well! For Whitney Moore, it was quite simple, she wanted to be involved in the world of entertainment, and nothing would stop her. An actress ... Read More