Horror movie 2018

Lake Placid: Legacy (Movie Review)

Arriving on Digital & DVD Tuesday, September 4, 2018 through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Lake Placid: Legacy directed by Darrell Roodt (Skorokoro 2016, The Lullaby 2017) and written by Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Jeremy Smith, and Matt Venables, all who have worked on series such as Continuum ... Read More

Show Yourself (Movie Review)

The various circumstances where life challenges people are often couched in metaphorical terms like “fights” or “battles.” This implies the potential for a decisive “victory” (or even “defeat”) at some nebulous future moment. Grief is one such emotion encouraging these descriptions. Show Yourself, a sophomore feature ... Read More

Cruel Summer (Movie Review)

Not to be confused with Kanye West’s album tie-in from 2012, or Bananarama’s 1984 hit single, the new film Cruel Summer is a Chiller from Wales. Produced by 441 Films, Trebuchet Film Productions, Bang Post Production, and Dog of Annwn Films, it will be released ... Read More

Lost Creek (Movie Review)

When fall comes to New England, playful children haunt the woods and monsters come alive. Something wicked lurks in the darkness and parents just don’t understand in Lost Creek, a brand-new blend of Drama, Fantasy, and Horror that arrives to Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, February 27, ... Read More