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Interview – Josie Cotton

Josie Cotton is a name most associated with the quirky ’80s hit “Johnny, Are You Queer?,” however, how many know the performer more in-depth? Cotton, a native of Texas, is quite the interesting person who has a long history as a singer with cinematic flair. ... Read More

Interview – Chad L. Coleman

Rather than flare in and out like some actors in film, Chad L. Coleman has burnt a steady flame well over two decades now. Earning attention for his role in the hit HBO series The Wire, Coleman would go onto a list of big roles ... Read More

Interview – Devil’s Dildo

  What do you get when you combine wild imaginations, rebellious attitudes, and raw energy? You get the obscenely named Devil’s Dildo. Based out of NYC, in the tradition of the city’s ’70s No Wave scene (which was initially inspired by the rejection of commercial ... Read More

Interview – Nadia White

Some people are fine with sticking with one thing… but others dare to push the envelope and look for something more. Nadia White has been in entertainment now for 15 years, and while she has made a name for herself in the Adult film industry, ... Read More