horror thriller

The Passenger (Movie Review)

Released on August 4, 2023 through Paramount Home Entertainment On Demand and Digital, The Passenger opens with a scene familiar to many of us. The sun rises as a young man makes his way to work. The young man in question is twenty-one-year-old Randy Bradley ... Read More

Quicksand (Movie Review)

Throughout cinema, characters have been forced to try and survive a number of terrifying situations. Trapped underground, trapped at the top of a high tower, trapped in the sea and even trapped on a ski lift – there is nary a place where these unlucky ... Read More

The Ghosts of Monday (Movie Review)

A haunted hotel with a macabre past? Check. A cast of characters who are pre-loaded with tension in their blood? Check. Paranormal activity linked to a potential curse? Indeed! It’s all lurking inside the walls of The Ghosts of Monday, a new Horror-Thriller that arrived ... Read More

Barbarian (Movie Review)

Initially released in theaters in the U.S. on September 9th, as well as for a digital download and streaming on HBO Max beginning on October 25th, Barbarian is the feature film writing and directorial debut of Zach Cregger. A film that had several release date ... Read More

The Retaliators (Movie Review)

With cameos from some of the biggest names in Active Rock, a soundtrack that’s thick with those same names, and plenty of blood to satiate your gore lust, why would you miss The Retaliators? So, let’s all go to the movies: it arrives at worldwide ... Read More