HOST - IX album artwork

HOST – IX (Album Review)

Founding fathers of what is called the Gothic Metal sound, Paradise Lost are perhaps one of the most underappreciated bands in all of Metal music. Originally a Doom Metal with Death Metal elements early on, by the early ‘90s they were already morphing into what ... Read More

Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Album Review)

Paradise Lost has shown time and time again that musical ingenuity takes precedence over anything else. That includes their image, sound, and appeasing any particular group of people. In fact, to many, this is one of the band’s most endearing qualities. One of the original ... Read More

Interview – Simonna

Growing up with big dreams, the Lithuania born Simona Milinytė, known as Simonna, has been making each come true with hard work and dedication. Recording her first album at 12 years old, she has been building a name for herself internationally in both music and as ... Read More