The Clearing (Mini Series Review)

From the 1950s into the 1990s the world experienced a rise in cults and/or the idea of cults. From The Manson Family, People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, to Children of God… clearly cults have always landed themselves a bad reputation. Australia’s The Family, operating from the ... Read More

Hellraiser (Movie Review)

Out of all the famous franchises in Horror, Hellraiser has probably had the roughest run out of them all. The first two films are considered classics, but debatably, even those were not very well directed and are a bit rough around the edges. The sequels ... Read More

Prey (Movie Review)

The long-suffering Predator franchise is one whose fans are used to disappointment. For a series to be 35 years old and have just the original film regarded as the only truly good entry, one wouldn’t be dismissed if they said the property was as good ... Read More

Mother/Android (Movie Review)

The entire world changing as we know it is a concept that has become frighteningly realistic to audiences of late. Premiering December 17, 2021 on Hulu, though Mother/Android has a rather more Sci-Fi setting, it still manages to successfully play on our fears of suddenly ... Read More

Interview – Zolee Griggs

There are many rising stars in the modern television and film world, and one of them is Ms. Zolee Griggs. Out of Los Angeles, California, she has been in acting since a young age, starring in Cory in the House, but most recently taking on ... Read More