IFC Midnight

Skinamarink (Movie Review)

You wake up in a cold sweat. Your heart thuds loudly in your chest. Slowly, as you regather your senses, you realize that everything is okay. You just had a nightmare and thank God nightmares aren’t real… right? Only what if the nightmares that you ... Read More

Watcher (Movie Review)

Serial killers…they have wreaked havoc for decades. Even before the movies decided to put the fear of God in its viewers, serial killers, stalkers, and right out rapists were a thing. Nowadays, this generation has an addiction with true crime and gory yet very true ... Read More

Hatching (Movie Review)

Coming of age comes with its own unique brand of horror, and this is explored quite literally in the new film Hatching. Opening in select theaters on April 29, 2022 and becoming available On Digital/VOD May 17th via IFC Midnight, Hatching is the debut feature ... Read More

The Feast (Movie Review)

The tension is ripe long before the flawless first course is set atop a mismatched table in The Feast, a sumptuous new Folk Horror offering that arrives in select theaters, as well as to VOD and On Demand, beginning Friday, November 19, 2021 thanks to ... Read More

Demonic (Movie Review)

Neill Blomkamp is a writer/director with one of the most interesting and eclectic resumes in movies. His work spans from acclaimed feature-length films, short films, and experimental shorts, all from his independent company, Oats Studios. As his last feature length was 2015’s Chappie, fans were ... Read More