Indie Horror

Hi-Fear (Movie Review)

Following 2013’s Hi-8 and 2018’s Hi-Death, 2023’s Hi-Fear is the third and final instalment Horror anthology in the series. With Hi- Fear released digitally on June 13th and DVD July 11th through Wild Eye Releasing, all three of the films were made with the intention ... Read More

Interview – Sadie Katz

Sadie Katz is a woman of many talents, all of which she is applying to several upcoming projects. Horror fans might recognize her from 2014’s Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort and underground gems like 2017’s Bus Party to Hell, but in addition to acting, Katz ... Read More

Interview – Sarah Giercksky

As the genre of Horror continues to evolve, a bright new wave of passionate talent is being brought to the forefront. Meet Sarah Giercksky: a gifted writer, producer, director, actress, and more, who began drafting screenplays at the tender age of twelve. This Swedish filmmaker ... Read More

Winterskin (Movie Review)

Initially released at the Soho Horror Film Festival in London back in November of last year, the British film Winterskin gets a North American DVD release on Tuesday, May 21st thanks to High Octane Pictures.  Written and directed by Charlie Steeds (Escape From Cannibal Farm ... Read More

SHED (Movie Review)

First screening at Motor City Nightmares in Detroit on April 26-28, 2019, and set to start a run on the festival circuit, SHED is a new, independent, Horror film from David Axe about skin-stealing monsters. Wait, what? Have your attention yet? Read on to learn ... Read More

A Taste of Phobia (Movie Review)

Horror movies are to phobias, what art is to emotions; the latter being residual evocations of the former. Have you ever walked into a bathroom and were suddenly overcome with intense anxiety at the sight of a closed shower curtain hanging over the tub? While ... Read More