Irish Horror

Unwelcome (Movie Review)

Folk Horror has seen a substantial resurgence in recent years, perhaps becoming the most popular sub-genre across all Horror mediums. One of the aspects that keeps it going is the vast array of cultural stories from all over the world, most of which contain creatures ... Read More

The Cellar (Movie Review)

There may be no place like home, but what happens when your home is more place than you thought? The Cellar, from Writer/Director Brendan Muldowney (Savage 2009, Love Eternal 2013), explores that deep-seated childhood fear of the monster in the basement and takes it to ... Read More

Red Room (Movie Review)

Kidnapping, the dark web, and death are what drives the new thrilling Horror film Red Room from Writer/Director (Stephen Gaffney: Bully 2015, Class A 2016). Solidifying its place in the realm Irish torture porn, it is a dark look into the fetishes that exist online, ... Read More

Interview – Aislinn Clarke

If you don’t yet know the name Aislinn Clarke, you will! The Irish filmmaker’s impressive feature-length directorial debut, The Devil’s Doorway, arrives to U.S. theaters, Friday, July 13, 2018, and it’s a good one. A truly creepy experience that emanates delicious notes that will attract ... Read More