Mascarpone (Movie Review)

Like the titular cheese, Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing audiences a little treat from Italy. Mascarpone is a romcom by directors Alessandro Guida (Pupone 2019, Ritoccàti series) and Matteo Pilati (The Italian Jobs 2017, De Cataldo presenta Maigret 2018), who also wrote ... Read More

Blood Bags (Movie Review)

Blood is thicker than water in the new Italian Horror offering Blood Bags. High Octane Pictures deliver the film to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Hoping to perfect her craft by studying overseas, passionate photographer Tracy (Makenna Guyler: King of Crime 2018, ... Read More

Josh Groban – Bridges (Album Review)

He is a truly exceptional singer, songwriter, TV personality, and an actor who has tackled Broadway and beyond. What is there that Josh Groban cannot do and do with style? If you know, please let us know! Otherwise, prepare yourself for Bridges, his latest musical ... Read More