James Bond

No Time to Die (Film Review)

James Bond is back and, for the last time, is played by Daniel Craig (Tomb Raider 2001, Layer Cake 2004). He has made a mark for himself in the role, despite criticism in 2005 that he was too blonde and blue-eyed to be Bond. Now ... Read More

Agent Jade Black (Movie Review)

The Black Widow film is not out until May 2020, and the Alias TV series ended 14 years ago. So, are there any other options for women in spy flicks? Well, probably quite a few if one searches, but the latest offering you will find ... Read More

Atomic Blonde (Movie Review)

“Where the f*ck are you,” demands MI6 agent Lorraine Broughton after she had been ambushed in her escort. Her contact, agent David Percival catches up to her, and almost gets shot for his troubles, saying, “Don’t shoot, I’ve got your shoe!” Such is the introduction ... Read More