James Cameron

Ghost in the Shell – 25 Years Online

Manga Entertainment caught on in the early 1990s when they brought 1988’s Akira to the West, playing a part in anime’s rising popularity outside of Japan. However, the stuff they subsequently brought over was not exactly on Akira’s level, and the quality varied between entertainingly ... Read More

Avatar 10 Years Later

Some projects earn a sort of fame from staying in development purgatory. For example, the Science Fiction blockbuster Avatar spent approximately 15 years in the works from an 80-page treatment by Writer/Director/Producer James Cameron in 1994 to its eventual 2009 release. Once the film finally ... Read More

Interview – Anton Kabanen of Beast In Black

Conceiving a new animal, former Battle Beast Guitarist Anton Kabanen launched Beast In Black in 2015 with Guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen (ex-Amberian Dawn, ex-U.D.O), Drummer Sami Hänninen (ex-Brymir), Bassist Máté Molnár (Wisdom), and Vocalist Yannis Papadopoulos (Wardrum). Making music on their own terms, Beast In Black ... Read More