James Karen

Cynthia (Movie Review)

A mother loves all of her children equally! Young Horror royalty Scout Taylor-Compton leads a cast of some of modern Horror’s greatest in the brand new Horror-Comedy Cynthia, which debuted on Digital and DVD Tuesday, September 18, 2018, thanks to the good folks at Indican ... Read More

Interview – Thom Mathews

Life is full of surprises, and it is simply impossible to know what tomorrow will bring. Thom Mathews can vouch for that when he found himself falling into an acting career while in his mid-twenties. Unsure of what he wanted to do with his life, ... Read More

Bender (Movie Review)

The tall, slender grass of the prairie is perfect for hiding secrets, secrets that lie dormant beneath the soil. Would you believe that Kansas was once the home of one killer family, settlers with a very dark secret? Bender tells the true tale of this ... Read More