John Carpenter

John Carpenter - Lost Themes: Noir

John Carpenter – Lost Themes IV: Noir (Album Review)

While John Carpenter is almost always recognized for his accomplishments in filmmaking, it should not be overlooked that he is also a pretty stellar composer. Responsible for countless unforgettable scores – including work for his 1979 classic Halloween, 1984’s The Fog, 1986’s Big Trouble in Little China, among ... Read More
GOST - Prophecy

Gost – Prophecy (Album Review)

Sometimes collaborative efforts make an album soar, and sometimes to get it right… it just needs to be accomplished alone. The case with James Lollar and his project Gost; a one mind, one man band of unique artistry in the Electronic, Synthwave, and Black Metal ... Read More

Interview – Charles Band

There is little debate the 1980s were a golden age for Horror films. Monsters, killers, vampires, freaks, zombies, or demons… there was something for everyone lurking around the corner of your local movie theater, or more so, your local video store. Highly memorable, it was ... Read More

Halloween Ends (Movie Review)

Halloween Ends does something one would consider to be damn near impossible… make members of a high school marching band threatening! Releasing via Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, Halloween Ends opens nationwide in theaters and streaming only on Peacock Friday, October 14th; just one day shy ... Read More