John Feldmann

Atreyu – The Hope of a Spark (EP Review)

The Hope of a Spark EP—which arrived on April 14, 2023, thanks to Spinefarm Records—was brilliantly introduced by its two single/genius videos, “Drowning” and “Watch Me Burn.” Each bookends the overarching theme of the release, from asphyxiating in the noise to rebirth via self-immolation, two ... Read More

Atreyu – Baptize (Album Review)

One of the most underrated bands on the scene today, Metalcore pioneers Atreyu return with Baptize on Friday, June 4, 2021 thanks to Spinefarm Records. However, they are returning minus a key figure, Vocalist Alex Varkatzas, who departed from the fold in 2020. Which makes ... Read More