Justin McConnell

Lifechanger (Movie Review)

What if true love had to take a back burner to your own survival, but her beautiful ghostly essence plagued your entire being? Such is the tale of the brand-new Canadian Horror offering Lifechanger, which, after its 2018 successes on the film circuit, arrives to ... Read More

Blood, Sweat and Terrors (Movie Review)

A week after the Halloween celebration, Blood, Sweat and Terrors is due out Tuesday, November 6, 2018 through RLJE Films on DVD, VOD and digital platforms. Though, it is not strictly one long film. It is 9 action shorts, each handled by a different director ... Read More

Galaxy of Horrors (Movie Review)

Dystopian future-worlds, self-aware technology, zombies, aliens, and black holes. Quite a mix right? Well, those who enjoy this type of smorgasbord are in luck with the new film Galaxy of Horrors, which has it all. Compiled by Justin McConnell (Skull World 2013, Minutes Past Midnight 2016), Galaxy of Horrors is a compilation of ... Read More