Interview – Dolk of Kampfar

Consistency is a difficult attribute to attain in the over-saturated world of modern Heavy Metal music. Consistent quality is another matter entirely. This elusive trait, seen even less frequently, is something that has come very easily to the Norse Pagan Black Metal institution known as ... Read More

Helheim – Rignir (Album Review)

Helheim, borne from the cold, unforgiving climate of Bergen, Norway, and longtime weavers of dark tapestries, are set to release Rignir through hometown label Dark Essence on Friday, April 26. Founded in 1992, and releasing their debut, Jormundgand, three years later, the band has never ... Read More

Kampfar – Profan (Album Review)

In the realm of Pagan Black Metal, Fredrikstad, Norway’s progenitors Kampfar occupy a throne seldom challenged. In existence since 1994, sole remaining founder Dolk still plies the microphone with his stormy rasp of old, molding a sound rooted in both Black Metal’s furious second wave ... Read More