Kanye West

Nas – NASIR (Album Review)

Arguably one of the Hip Hop genre’s most important artists, Nas’ lyrical genius and rough beats helped put the east coast back on the map during the 1990s. A style that would earn him a mass of success, his tales of life in the inner ... Read More

Interview – Dan Estrin of Hoobastank

Back in the early 2000s, long removed from the Grunge movement, the Rock scene was feeling a bit stagnant. Filled with copycat and nondescript acts, Hoobastank emerged from Southern California with an energetic, fresh sound that helped give Hard Rock a new identity. Attacking the ... Read More

Big Sean – I Decided (Album Review)

Breaking onto the Rap/Hip-Hop scene requires a certain level of motivation and drive, different than other genres of music. A difficult task, Lyricist Big Sean made it clear from his humble beginnings in Detroit, Michigan that he had exactly what it took to make to the top of ... Read More