Klaus Meine

Scorpions – Rock Believer (Album Review)

Germany has been the home country to a variety of excellent music; from Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Synth Pop, to Industrial. One of the longest standing, and most successful, Hard Rock bands from Deutschland is none other than Scorpions. Originally formed all the way ... Read More

King Company – Queen of Hearts (Album Review)

Hailing directly out of the capital city of Helsinki, Finland, Melodic Hard Rock band King Company epitomizes true original Classic Rock paired with modern 21st century Rock bearings. In 2016, King Company topped the charts with their widely-acclaimed debut album, One For The Road, as the ... Read More

Scorpions – Blackout 35 Years Later

Considered by many one of the most important bands in Rock history, Scorpions have quite a tale to tell. Undergoing lineup changes, stylistic shifts, among other setbacks, Scorpions have certainly lived up to the name of their 2004 album, Unbreakable. With so much to talk about, it would take ... Read More