Kristen Stewart

Charlie’s Angels (Movie Review)

Living in a world dominated by masculine agendas, women empowerment is a topic often addressed in many creative such as such, and of course, film. So, who can think of better portrayal of this then latest Charlie’s Angels film which features a new trio of ... Read More

Bad Reputation (Documentary Review)

There does not seem to be many women in Rock. Or, rather, they do not seem to get as much attention as their male counterparts. People may know AC/DC or Iron Maiden off the top of their heads, but their female or female-fronted band knowledge ... Read More

Lizzie (Movie Review)

What makes a better Horror story than cold blooded murder? How about an unsolved real life mysterious tale of a double murder sprinkled into a forbidden love challenge bombarded with uncomfortable situations of a sexual nature? That is just the tip of the iceberg when ... Read More

Interview – Craig William Macneill

Perhaps one of the most infamous, mysterious, and compelling murders in America history is the case of Lizzie Borden. A story depicted in films, theatrical productions, literary works, and folk rhymes for centuries now, it still intrigues many. Growing up in the New England area, just ... Read More