Kung Fu

Baby Assassins (Movie Review)

Had enough of streaming services? Too bad, here is another one! HI-YAH! is a new one devoted to martial arts films. The new Action Comedy Baby Assassins will debut exclusively on the service on July 22, 2022. Anyone not on the service will have to ... Read More

Mortal Kombat (Movie Review)

As far as fighting game franchises go, Mortal Kombat is the top dog when it comes to branching out into other media. The series has had a Saturday morning cartoon show, 1996’s Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, a live-action TV series, 1998’s Mortal Kombat: ... Read More

Punk Fu Zombie (Movie Review)

Making its way to DVD and VOD on Tuesday January 23rd via Synergetic Distribution, Punk Fu Zombie is one of 2018’s newest Horror Comedies and it is definitely one of the campiest. Don’t get discouraged: campy is not a bad thing when it comes to ... Read More

Fists of Fury (Documentary Review)

Dating back to the ’60s, cinema fans have been intrigued by Martial Arts films. While Bruce Lee became the phenomena that began the genre, many since have paved their own way, including renowned ’90s Martial Art expert, and holder of black-belts in seven different styles of martial arts, ... Read More