Hypochondriac (Movie Review)

With the world coming apart at the seams in more ways than one, mental health crisis’ are by default on the rise. It is a subject that does not quite get the upfront attention it deserves; as it is often ostracized by those who do ... Read More

Mascarpone (Movie Review)

Like the titular cheese, Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment is bringing audiences a little treat from Italy. Mascarpone is a romcom by directors Alessandro Guida (Pupone 2019, Ritoccàti series) and Matteo Pilati (The Italian Jobs 2017, De Cataldo presenta Maigret 2018), who also wrote ... Read More

Spiral (Movie Review)

Premiering exclusively on Shudder as of Thursday, September 17th, Spiral is a new Queer Horror film from Kurtis David Harder (What Keeps You Alive 2018, Harpoon 2019) that teeters on psychological and supernatural. Set in the ’90s, it delivers a socio-economic tale that follows a same-sex ... Read More