Interview – Lights Talks Skin&Earth

Pushing the boundaries of creativity are essential for growth; without doing so, we may as well be just circling the orbit surrounding Earth. Speaking of Earth, the talented Canadian Singer-Songwriter known as Lights has tapped into a new artistic impulse in recent years drawing up ... Read More

Lights – Midnight Machines (Album Review)

Born Valerie Anne Poxleitner, Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lights has become well-known for filling in time between studio albums with acoustic EPs. She began with Lights’ 2010 Acoustic soon after the release of 2009’s The Listening, and 2011’s Siberia with the release of Siberia Acoustic in 2013. It is on these ... Read More

Lights – Little Machines (Album Review)

Taking a page from Stevie Wonder and picking up every instrument in the studio, Canadian singer songwriter Valerie Poxleitner Bokan, also known as Lights, creates a sprawling, aural masterpiece on her third, full-length album, Little Machines. Lights’ 2009 debut, The Listening, was a collection of keyboard ... Read More