Malcolm McDowell

Corbin Nash (Movie Review)

Since before time began, there has been a battle between good and evil. With the banishment of the fallen to earth, evil continues to walk in the shadows. Left unchecked, the evil will continue to terrorize in an effort of taking over the world for ... Read More

American Satan (Movie Review)

When Sumerian Records comes to mind, more than likely the first thought is Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Better yet, you probably think of bands like Asking Alexandria and Veil of Maya, and you would be right. Although, step out of the box a minute and ... Read More

31 (Movie Review)

When it comes to Horror films, one name in the community that seems to split fans right down the middle is Rob Zombie. Of course his music has seen its praise, and still continues to, however, his efforts of a filmmaker are either something one ... Read More