Mark Lewis Jones

GWEN (Movie Review)

In the dark and lush Welsh folk tale GWEN, one young woman must face a mysterious fog of darkness to keep her family alive. RLJE Films deliver this beautiful new Horror-Thriller in theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on Friday, August 16th, 2019. In the 19th ... Read More

Apostle (Movie Review)

Netflix has really upped its game with Horror over this past year with mostly good results. One of their latest offerings, Apostle, became available globally on Friday, October 12th. It is a British film directed by Gareth Evans (Merentau 2009, The Raid 2011) that mixes horror and mystery ... Read More

The Lighthouse (Movie Review)

WARNING: A spatula will be necessary to scrape both eyes from the television screen after having watched the very movie written within this article.  That movie is called The Lighthouse, and after its July 6, 2018, theatrical release date, entire stocks of spatulas will disappear from ... Read More

The Passing (Movie Review)

A lush, haunting, and gorgeously understated dark tale, The Passing – a lovely new Drama/Mystery out of Wales – became available on worldwide digital and VOD platforms as of Tuesday, June 13th thanks to Global Digital Releasing and XYZ Films. In The Passing, young couple Iwan ... Read More