martial arts

Enter the Dragon (4K Ultra HD Review)

The name Bruce Lee is forever ingrained into international pop culture’s DNA.  A fascinating figure, Lee not only brought mainstream attention to Martial Arts with his films, but he was also truly a master of the form. In fact, he is arguably the most influential ... Read More

Baby Assassins (Movie Review)

Had enough of streaming services? Too bad, here is another one! HI-YAH! is a new one devoted to martial arts films. The new Action Comedy Baby Assassins will debut exclusively on the service on July 22, 2022. Anyone not on the service will have to ... Read More

Interview – Gianni Decenzo

Every character in film/television has a different arc. Some are predictable, while others not so much. In the hit series Cobra Kai, the character of Demetri has certainly taken a few twists and turns no one saw coming. Initially awkward and uncertain, by season two ... Read More

Mortal Kombat (Movie Review)

As far as fighting game franchises go, Mortal Kombat is the top dog when it comes to branching out into other media. The series has had a Saturday morning cartoon show, 1996’s Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm, a live-action TV series, 1998’s Mortal Kombat: ... Read More

Interview – Martin Kove

Back in summer of 1984, The Karate Kid captured the heart and imagination of anyone who had ever been bullied or been made to feel less than. It was the ultimate story of the underdog, self-confidence, and friendship. Yet, of course, with every protagonist there ... Read More