Matthew Sunderland

Tales from the Apocalypse (Movie Review)

Uncork’d Entertainment has compared their newly released Sci-Fi anthology Tales from the Apocalypse to 1982’s Creepshow which is arguably the best example of a compilation movie. It is big praise, though off the bat it is more comparable to Uncork’d Entertainment’s earlier release 5 Galaxies in ... Read More

Pearl (Movie Review)

A good prequel ought to shed light on a story that has elements wanting to be discovered. Too often they are made for the sake of making more money, which might be a good business practice, but is not necessarily good for the prestige of ... Read More

X (Movie Review)

In 2022, Ti West’s X is one of the year’s more memorable Horror films. Building on his solid reputation for Horror that he earned with films such as 2009’s The House of the Devil and 2013’s The Sacrament, X is a much more exuberant affair ... Read More

Bloody Hell (Movie Review)

Horror/Comedy had died down over the years until shows like Ash vs Evil Dead and movies like 2017’s The Babysitter hit streaming platforms, and proved that this genre is not over just yet. Following this trend, The Horror Collective’s pitch-black Horror/Comedy Bloody Hell hits select ... Read More