Russell / Guns - Medusa art

Russell / Guns – Medusa (Album Review)

In our youth, many of us dreamt of mixing and matching our favorite athletes from different teams into one all-star lineup. It was fun, stimulated your imagination, and left you wondering ‘what if.’ Daydreaming a little more, what if you applied the same type of ... Read More

Medusa (Movie Review)

It may only be her sophomore feature, but Brazilian Filmmaker Anita Rocha da Silveira is already taking on the patriarchy and authoritarianism with Medusa – a Psychodrama with a strong message. Released in cinemas on July 14th, and is also available on PVOD and ESVOD ... Read More

Paradise Lost – Obsidian (Album Review)

Paradise Lost has shown time and time again that musical ingenuity takes precedence over anything else. That includes their image, sound, and appeasing any particular group of people. In fact, to many, this is one of the band’s most endearing qualities. One of the original ... Read More