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Sinead O'Connor remembered

Sinéad O’Connor – A Fearless Musical Icon

Fervent, rebellious, as well as defiant, Irish Singer-Songwriter Sinéad O’Connor carried the remarkable ability to channel and manifest her pain into a voice/persona that would make an indelible, global impact. Her rise to fame, fall from grace, and rise again, made her both popular, unpopular, ... Read More

Bayside – The Red EP (EP Review)

Emo tends to be a misnomer that is used to either promote or degrade a band, depending upon the user’s opinion of that term. While it’s wholly unfair to boil an artist’s entire oeuvre of material down to one adjective, in the case of Bayside, ... Read More

Hypochondriac (Movie Review)

With the world coming apart at the seams in more ways than one, mental health crisis’ are by default on the rise. It is a subject that does not quite get the upfront attention it deserves; as it is often ostracized by those who do ... Read More