Mia Goth

Women in Horror Month – Mia Goth

In recent years February has been known as Women in Horror Month. Important, throughout history, there have been many women who have contributed to the genre as actresses, directors, producers, and more. That is why at Cryptic Rock magazine we are dedicated to honoring a ... Read More

Pearl (Movie Review)

A good prequel ought to shed light on a story that has elements wanting to be discovered. Too often they are made for the sake of making more money, which might be a good business practice, but is not necessarily good for the prestige of ... Read More

X (Movie Review)

In 2022, Ti West’s X is one of the year’s more memorable Horror films. Building on his solid reputation for Horror that he earned with films such as 2009’s The House of the Devil and 2013’s The Sacrament, X is a much more exuberant affair ... Read More

Suspiria (Movie Review)

Every time a new Horror remake is announced, there is the inevitable groan from the internet and lamentation over the days when the genre had original ideas. In fairness, some of those complaints are legitimate, but for every vapid and unnecessary remake there is one ... Read More

Marrowbone (Movie Review)

When one walks through a forest and examines a tree up close, there is a marked uniqueness in the curves and bumps on the bark. From tree to tree, the nuances in growth patterns tell an infinitely complicated, but beautifully modest life story. With proximity, ... Read More