Michael Barnes

Red – Rated R (Album Review)

With inspiration coming over two decades ago, in the time since, Red has become one of the most energetic and intriguing bands in the modern Alternative Metal genre. Releasing their debut record End of Silence in 2006, they quickly grabbed the attention of many with powerful songs ... Read More

Interview – Randy Armstrong of RED

Over the last decade plus, many Rock bands have come and gone, but one that has stood the test of time is RED. The culmination of three lifelong friends with similar artistic visions, the Grammy nominated, RIAA Certified Gold-selling band RED has stood out in ... Read More

Red – Gone (Album Review)

A trio of Pennsylvanians who now call Nashville home, Red got their start back in 2002. Childhood pals who moved to the big city to pursue their musical dreams, Red is comprised of the Armstrong Brothers – that would be identical twins Guitarist Anthony and ... Read More