Michael Madsen

Angels Fallen (Movie Review)

The angels are the enemy in Angels Fallen, a brand new blend of paranormal thrills and otherworldly action. Uncork’d Entertainment deliver the film to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. The sinister angels have landed and they are amassing a demon army. This ... Read More

Grindhouse Nightmares (Movie Review)

An ode to 1970s exploitation flicks and a collection of Horror vignettes, Grindhouse Nightmares – which was released in the UK in 2017 – arrives to DVD in the US on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, thanks Cinedigm.  Grindhouse Nightmares is an intriguing little offering, a ... Read More

The Lost Tree (Movie Review)

When the chips are down and you need an escape from city life, come to the little yellow cabin on the edge of the desert, home to The Lost Tree. A brand new blend of Horror, Drama, and Thriller from MTI Home Video and Shoreline ... Read More

Devil’s Domain (Movie Review)

Bullying of kids different than others in schools has been a massive problem since almost their inception, but in modern days with even kids having instant access to the internet, bullying has been taken to new levels. No longer content with verbal abuse, bullies are ... Read More

Vigilante Diaries (Movie Review)

Writer and Director Christian Sesma (Shoot the Hero 2010, Lost Time 2014) pays homage to ’90s superheroes in new Action film Vigilante Diaries. Released in theaters and iTunes on June 24th, 2016, the moviemaker adds a touch of Comedy to this action-packed film starring Paul ... Read More