Mick Garris

Hocus Pocus 2 (Movie Review)

Back in the summer of 1993 some big family friendly films hit screens all over; include box office blockbuster Jurassic Park, Free Willy, Rookie of the Year, and also Hocus Pocus. Fairing decently in theaters, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ Hocus Pocus’ story followed three eccentric witches from the late 1600s ... Read More

Interview – Sarah Withers

Released in theaters and On Demand back on June 21st, 2019, Nightmare Cinema is one of the newest addition to the world of Horror films. An anthology type film, it stars a ghastly-looking projectionist portrayed by Mickey Rourke who lurks in the shadows above the ... Read More

King Cohen (Documentary Review)

Even the smallest trees can provide enough seeds for a forest. Writer, Director, and Producer Larry Cohen may not be as famous as Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange 1971, Full Metal Jacket 1987), or Steven Spielberg (Jaws 1975, Jurassic Park 1993), but he has made his ... Read More