Momentum Pictures

Bloodline (Movie Review)

From Blumhouse, the producers who brought you 2017’s Get Out, 2013’s The Purge, 2012’s Sinister and more, comes Bloodline, a brand new Horror-Thriller starring Seann William Scott. Momentum Pictures delivers the madness in theaters, On Demand, and digital on Friday, September 20th, 2019.  Scott (American ... Read More

Stratton (Movie Review)

To enter certain careers, one must undergo a test that displays an aptitude for the subject; not everyone can join the Air Force or operate on a still-beating heart. If anyone could walk in off the street, demand a retainer, and start defending criminals, the ... Read More

Jungle (Movie Review)

Self preservation is an instinct that all living organisms share. When faced with near impossible challenges, something within awakens and survival is the only option, even if death would be much easier. Sometimes in the worst of situations, the best of a person is able ... Read More