movie review 2017

Their Finest (Movie Review)

If there is one thing the British love more than tea, crumpets, and Euro-skepticism, it is looking back fondly on the good old days. Okay, most people in other countries do that, too: but the way Brits get wistful about the 1940s does seem a ... Read More

Whispers (Movie Review)

Available on DVD and on-demand as of March 21, 2017 through MTI Home Video, Whispers is a new film written, directed, and produced by Tammi Sutton (Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil 2002, Isle of Dogs 2011). Nominated for several awards at RIP Horror Film Festival Award ... Read More

Love and Saucers (Movie Review)

When people talk at length about aliens and their experiences with aliens, it is hard not to try to psychoanalyze them. Maybe you read some of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or you heard the word “schizoaffective” on television and so you ... Read More

Nightworld (Movie Review)

Nightworld, the title conjures images of nightmarish creatures that lurk in absolute darkness and plague those within the realm of the living. For centuries, mankind has grappled with the concept of an afterworld and the possibility of unhindered passage between the world of the living ... Read More

My Italy (Movie Review)

Contemporary art can be difficult to objectively understand because, by its very nature, it is subjective. It reflects its artist’s paradigm in a way that sometimes words cannot accurately encapsulate. It is not made for its beholder as much as it is made for its ... Read More